When leaving is the only option…

Last year I’d made plans to visit the 2014 Overland Expo in AZ with my girlfriend. When the time came to pack for the trip, there was a possibility we would move to a new apartment as well — so I sold a few things, packed up other stuff in boxes, and when the time came to leave for the ExPo, my girlfriend couldn’t come with me. So it ended up being a solo trip. And although we decided to renew the lease, my girlfriend and I had a falling out — that pre-trip packing turned out to be a good thing after all, and marked the start of a shift in my life. :) The ball is rolling now, and seems to be going somewhere, but i dont know where yet – I’m just along for the ride apparently. ;-) I left Mtl to camp in Nova Scotia for a few weeks – not really by choice, but out of necessity to give my ex-girlfriend some space. It also looks like I’ll be storing my things for the winter and heading down to Nosara, Costa Rica. I’d love to drive it, but there are a few dicey countries along the way. :p

I’m typing this update from my phone, so I’ll end here. If you know of some good camping spots in NB or NS, let me know. And tell me what you think of driving down to Costa Rica, considering the current state of some countries…

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Photos from “2014 QC to AZ to SC”


I left Montreal on May 5th, heading down to New Mexico for the Ghost Divide 2014 meet-up on May 11th. I’d bought a hammock to use on this trip (to use instead of deploying the RTT), which turned out to be an excellent experience, though I didn’t count on the freezing temperatures in NM at higher elevations. I definitely should have bought the winter insulation option for the hammock. :) I also installed a cell/wifi router in the truck, so I could work remotely while traveling, which worked great, except for AZ, NH, and TX, where AT&T cell signal can be a little spotty (or non-existant for days at a time). :)

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A Few Days in Provincetown: Restaurants and WiFi

A few notes on restaurants and WiFi spots we found around Provincetown…

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Cocagne to Provincetown


Sophie and I left Montreal about two weeks ago — we drove straight to the East Coast of New Brunswick, a 12 hour non-stop drive, except for a few drive-through Tim’s. It’s a road trip tradition, made more special because we only have Tim’s on the road. :)

Not long after leaving, I blew a tire on the highway. The rubber valve stem failed, and after repairing it, I found that the tire sidewall was too damaged. $450 later, I had a new spare tire that I couldn’t use — the new tire is a good 3/4″ or more larger in diameter — and four new valve stems in the remaining wheels. I don’t know why I didn’t check at the time, but a few days later, I discovered that my new Toyo MT spare was already 2 1/2 years old. I wrote Toyo to ask why their dealers would have such old stock, but haven’t heard back yet…

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News from The Coast

Sophie and I left Monday morning to drive straight from Montreal to Grande-Digue NB — with the Jeep and Trailer that’s about 12 hours, including 40 mins to change a tire. A valve failed on the highway, and it took a few minutes to realize there was a problem. It had to happen on one of the few time I used cruise control, which lessened effect, which then led to the destruction of the sidewall. :-p It wasn’t obvious at first, but after I replaced the valve and re-inflated, I could see the tire started taking on an odd shape. :-/

So time for a beer and cigar, while write a few words, and ponder finding a new tire – in stock – around here…

I’ll be posting on Twitter as well during this trip. You can follow me @trtmscom.


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