A Few Days in Provincetown: Restaurants and WiFi

A few notes on restaurants and WiFi spots we found around Provincetown…

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Cocagne to Provincetown


Sophie and I left Montreal about two weeks ago — we drove straight to the East Coast of New Brunswick, a 12 hour non-stop drive, except for a few drive-through Tim’s. It’s a road trip tradition, made more special because we only have Tim’s on the road. :)

Not long after leaving, I blew a tire on the highway. The rubber valve stem failed, and after repairing it, I found that the tire sidewall was too damaged. $450 later, I had a new spare tire that I couldn’t use — the new tire is a good 3/4″ or more larger in diameter — and four new valve stems in the remaining wheels. I don’t know why I didn’t check at the time, but a few days later, I discovered that my new Toyo MT spare was already 2 1/2 years old. I wrote Toyo to ask why their dealers would have such old stock, but haven’t heard back yet…

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News from The Coast

Sophie and I left Monday morning to drive straight from Montreal to Grande-Digue NB — with the Jeep and Trailer that’s about 12 hours, including 40 mins to change a tire. A valve failed on the highway, and it took a few minutes to realize there was a problem. It had to happen on one of the few time I used cruise control, which lessened effect, which then led to the destruction of the sidewall. :-p It wasn’t obvious at first, but after I replaced the valve and re-inflated, I could see the tire started taking on an odd shape. :-/

So time for a beer and cigar, while write a few words, and ponder finding a new tire – in stock – around here…

I’ll be posting on Twitter as well during this trip. You can follow me @trtmscom.


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The Start of a New Year


My life changed drastically a little over two years ago when I left my wife and moved into a commercial loft in the Mile-End district. Gone was the garage, basement, and many of the things that went into them. ;-) I kept the truck and trailer, but no longer had the space to work on, or prepare the truck for trails. Instead, my girlfriend and I traveled around the east coast with the trailer and enjoyed the overland capabilities of the truck.

Last April we moved into a new first-floor apartment, with parking out back and some storage space in the basement — enough that with a little organization, I was able to fit two full sets of tires and all the off-roading gear. :) So after two years, the truck is once again ready for the trails, and now that my broken foot is mostly healed, so am I. ;-)

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The Quality of One’s Work

Sophie and I drove down to New Hampshire for the week-end. She has an energy workshop today, and after dropping her off this morning, I headed down to Two Guys in Salem to pickup some cigars. On the way back, I stopped in Amherst NH to walk around Edgewood Cemetery (and have a cigar). It was turning out to be a nice sunny day, and I’d noticed the cemetery on the way down. It’s fairly large, with plenty of trees and old tombstones. I find there’s something about old, tree covered cemeteries that brings a feeling of peace to one’s soul… I walked along the winding lanes, feeling the calmness of the old cemetery. There were no benches, but someone — or maybe someone’s family — had installed a stone bench under a tree with the name ‘Johnny’ inscribed on its surface. Sitting down, and making use of their offering, I felt a connection between their wish and my use of it — like I was the missing piece to complete their vision… I sat, contemplating the view they had arranged for me.

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