Cocagne to Provincetown

Posted by on Sunday, August 25th, 2013

Sophie and I left Montreal about two weeks ago — we drove straight to the East Coast of New Brunswick, a 12 hour non-stop drive, except for a few drive-through Tim’s. It’s a road trip tradition, made more special because we only have Tim’s on the road. :)

Not long after leaving, I blew a tire on the highway. The rubber valve stem failed, and after repairing it, I found that the tire sidewall was too damaged. $450 later, I had a new spare tire that I couldn’t use — the new tire is a good 3/4″ or more larger in diameter — and four new valve stems in the remaining wheels. I don’t know why I didn’t check at the time, but a few days later, I discovered that my new Toyo MT spare was already 2 1/2 years old. I wrote Toyo to ask why their dealers would have such old stock, but haven’t heard back yet…

On the way to the coast, we also stopped at a closed weigh station to check the weight of the Jeep and trailer. With 1/4 of gas, and no water in the trailer, the total weight was about 9,500 lbs. Even with new 4.56 gears, that’s asking a lot from our little 3.8L V6.

While in Cocagne, we also went for scuba diving off the local beach, and in a river a little farther north. The beach dive was nice, though we didn’t get very far because we mostly did some training in shallow water. The river dive was quite an experience… Since the river empties into the sea, there’s a salt water / fresh water layer. The salt water makes up the first 30 feet or so, with lots of particles in the water — visibility was poor, but somewhat acceptable if you looked at the small stuff on the bottom. After 30 feet, you dropped into the fresh water, and that’s when the lights went out. Visibility is better, but the drive turns into a night dive. I had a good 18watt HID, and plenty of night dive experience, but Sophie doesn’t. She’s still learning and this dive was way beyond her skills. She gave me the signal after a few minutes in the dark water, and we turned around, slowly making our way back up and out. Like our experience in Malaysia, where I broke my foot on a dive boat, there are some lessons learned from this dive as well. ;-)

After the general success of our non-stop drive from Montreal to the coast, we decided to do the same from Cocagne to Provincetown in Cape Cod. Google Maps said 10 hrs, so we figured it wouldn’t be too bad if we switched drivers every few hours. Well, after a painful 1 1/2 hours stuck in Boston traffic, we finally arrive at the Dune’s Edge Campground in Provincetown some 15 hours later. Knowing how tired each of us was, we took our time backing-up the trailer and setting up camp. The headache, probably caused by dehydration, finally went away sometime after a second coffee the next day. ;-)

We got here Friday evening and Saturday afternoon we took a walk into town to find a backpack for our laptops — ’cause we don’t already have enough at home, but apparently forgot to bring even a one — and to scope out the WiFi possibilities. We also stopped off at a natural food store called 141, which isn’t too bad. Some things are cheaper than in Montreal, and some things are more expensive.

This morning we spent some time at the campground laundromat, which has power and is close enough to the campground office to get WiFi, but the smell of rot and mildew finally got the better of us, and we headed into town looking for a more suitable work space. ;-) After a great lunch at the Squealing Pig — Mmm that pulled pork sandwich was good — we ended up at the town Library, up on the third floor, with a great view of the bay. It was generally quiet, aside from the occasional group of tourists walking by, and both of us managed to get in some solid work. We’re planning on going back tomorrow morning after breakfast. It’s supposed to rain, so Monday is looking like a good day to get some work done.

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  1. Chris’ Goubet

    Good to hear from you. We love PT and its surroundings as well.
    You may be interested by PB Bakery at Wellfleet, MA. Philippe Rispoli, from Lyon (France) is a chef who has worked for D. Boulud in Las Vegas. He has a boulangerie and a restaurant in Wellfleet. Les croissants et tartes aux abricots sont assez bonnes
    Let us know next time you go there
    Chris’ n Francois